Monday, April 26, 2010

suDDenly fEEls

i think....
i already make a right desicion...
meninggalkan die adalah keputusan yang pling tepat.
tp ssh...
a simple question but hard to answer walking around me..
can u live without him??
can u survive without him
around u...
i juz dont know how to answer..
after more than two years..
this is the most difficult time that i ever face.
suddenly feel want to cry...
but i cant..
already promise to myself no
more tears for him
mengeluarkan kate-kate mmg mudah.
tp untuk melakukannya..
memerlukan kekuatan jiwa yang maksima.
suddenly feels..
i want him around me..
giving me a happiest time juz like before..
but i
the decision already made..
and no reason to turning back...
suddenly feels..
miss him so much..
miss the way he take care for me..
but i cant..
this is the time i learn to stand by myself..
juz like before.. juz when i
didnt have him..
i juz want him to know that..
my heart is really hurt...
no cure...
walaupun blh diubat tp pa
rutnye pasti berbekas kat hati...

~~i juz want to run~~
~~run away from u~~

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